Baby Blue

I bought this truck Dec ’88, went through three dealerships because I wanted a Scottsdale, 5-speed O/D, manual tranny, manual windows, manual locks. All this with a V-8 . Lol… The dealerships kept telling me that the only way to get V-8 was with an automatic tranny. If I wanted a manual tranny I would have to settle for a V-6. Before I walked out of the last dealership salesman stopped me and told me to give him a couple of weeks and he would get me just what I wanted.

Fast forward 31 years and my baby blue is still with me, drive it about twice a week now since I got me newer truck about 4 months ago. Has 176,000 miles original. Same engine, never been opened. 6 sets of tires, 6 batteries, 2 starters, 2 alternators, and three sets of shocks. It drives like when the day I brought it home. I have pulled, pushed, jump start, haul and pulled a trailer with this truck. All the cars that I pulled, jump start (for family) are gone. My parents, grandparents, in-laws (mother/father/grandparents) deceased.

Baby Blue still here at home under carport resting, she was upset and jealous when I brought the other truck home so I had to calm her down and tell her that no one will take her place. I still have the window sticker in my filling cabinet with all it’s history (o/c, tune-ups, etc). Has so much sentimental value to me… My granddaughter, grandson, and my three sons still wondering who is staying with the truck when my Lord calls me up yonder…