Valiant Warrior

Valiant Warrior is a 1985 K5 Blazer dedicated to cancer patients fighting Leukemia. Valiant Warrior was a 4-year project that started with a 12 inch spring lift, 3 inch body lift and 44 inch super swamper tires with BDS shocks. Valiant Warrior went through a major transformation that just finished up 2 years ago. The new build transformed Valiant Warrior in one amazing monster. It’s built with a 496bbc with a high rise tunnel and a 250 shot of nitrous direct injected into the manifold.

The interior is all original with a custom stereo. From the frame down is all custom work, it a full cage welded to the original frame which is all boxed in for added strength. Full four link system attached to 2.5 military axels with front and rear steer. The shocks are are custom made by CNC. We went and added a SCS drop box to help align the drive shaft to reduce the changing at the transmission. Custom drive shaft loops. A two wheel drive kick-out to disengage the four wheel drive from the military axles. Front axles have locking hubs to engage the four wheel drive. The wheels are 20inch one off custom wheels. Each rim has 8 swords customer made on them. They are wrapped with 49 inch super swamper Irocs. Valiant Warrior sits 9.5 ft tall with a 23 inch.

To tie the truck all in, custom vinyl wrap with St. Micheal defeating the devil. The symbolic meaning behind this image is the St. Micheal is the warrior which is what a cancer patient is when going through battle. The devil symbolizes cancer, cancer is hell and is hell to go through knowing from experience. The Orange bars symbolize leukemia, their is black powder coat with gold flacks which the gold represents childhood cancer which what I had. There are name plates on the track bars that have powerful words that say Survivor, Fighter, Conqueror, and Supporter with a Hope ribbon.