• 1984 Ford F-150 – Chuck T.

A Great Grandpa’s ͏Gi͏f͏t

My dad bought this 1984 Ford F-150 and used it for hunting, and a daily chore doer. He passed away in 1999, seven years before his very first great-grandson would be born. Fast forward to 2015, we would tragically lose our mother and my grandson’s great-grandma. I was given the truck that had been sitting and used very little since my dad’s passing in 1999. I am currently working on the truck to get it roadworthy. Due to poor health, I have had to ask some good friends to chip in and do some work for me and I’m grateful for their help. My grandson is 13 and god willing, my health will hold up and I can complete the project, as I’m going to give it to my Dad’s very first great-grandson, on his 15th birthday when he gets his learners permit. I know he would have had many hunting trips in this truck with him!