• 1977 Chevy Suburban – Fernando G.

The Yellow Submarine – Restoring a 1977 Suburban

I bought this rare 1977 K20 Suburban Estate Trailering Package, “Woody”, from the Sisters KOA in Sisters, Oregon. This was their campground vehicle, and had been barely used (it still has only 102K miles!). Once we started the restoration process, we noticed that there was cinder dust just about everywhere. So much so, that we ended up stripping the entire truck, hosing it off from the inside, just to get into all of the nooks and crannies.

Eventually we restored it back to its originally glory, kept the original yellow color and wood trim and dubbed it “The Yellow Submarine”! From what I researched, there were only a few of them built with this package (K20, Silverado, Estate with the Trailering Package, which also includes front and rear factory A/C (still works), heavy duty hooks upfront, tailgate rather than barn doors and other cool touches. With the help from LMC, we were able to find new carpets, window seals, door card, window rails, and many other parts to complete this build. We couldn’t be happier with how it came out and we get lots of smiles and “thumbs up” from people!