• 1973 Chevy C10 – Agnes V.

Father & Son Dream Project

Our family has immigrated from Hungary to the United States in 2000. We have raised our 3 daughters who are all grownup now, married or in college. Andre our son was born here in the States in 2004, he is 15 years old now. Andre told us that he doesn’t want to go college, but he wants to learn a trade and own his business, just like his dad does. He is thinking to be an auto mechanic. My husband, Andy, wanted to make sure that Andre is committed to the hard working life and he really knows what he is getting into. So he got a 1973 Chevrolet for them to re-build.

This car was just a shell, no engine, or transmission. They have been working on it for 2 years, and they finally got it to move this summer. They have learned and did everything together, including building a new frame, welding missing parts, putting together engine, transmission, and paint job. There is still lot to do on the interior, but they are driving around proudly in the new truck all summer.

Building this beautiful truck was a great way for them to bond and make their relationship even stronger. Andre has enjoyed to learn everything, and now he is definitely sure he doesn’t want to do bodywork. 🙂 He can’t wait to get his license 6 months from now and drive his dream truck.