• 1969 Ford F250 – Emma & Jerrid W.

Every Truck Needs A Name

Since I was little my dad was the dad that fixed everything. I always loved knowing what he was doing and he would have me help him. My Dad loves everything truck. If he didn’t tinker on something or fix something he would always improve them. My dad loves to buy and fix up old vehicles. One day this year my dad bought another load of cars and he brought them home. I saw a big red truck on the trailer. I instantly loved it because of how big it was and that it was old, not a new car. Soon after he brought it home we started to fix it. It had not been running since 2000/2001 and he bought it from the original owner. From the first day of vacuuming out the mouse poop and wiping down the dash I loved it more and more.

Dad had me do more work this time. Cleaning out the gas tank and changing the oil. I always help bleed the brakes. Once he got it running and people from his work all walked over and liked the truck, the more I knew I wanted to drive it. He helped me pick out the parts we needed and started ordering them. Seat cover to window regulator and even a dash mat, dad say’s all trucks need them (haha).

After we drove it for the first time I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Dad said it needed tires to make it safe and then we can go to a car show! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I would ask him questions about the show and where we would park and all. We polished the truck one night, and the bugs were eating us up, it was like a new truck! We took it to the car show and I loved how everyone knew what I had, how good it looked, and that it was MINE!

Dad told me every truck needs a name, what’s this one called? Dad always had names like Bessie, Bevie, or even just good ol’ truck. I had to think a while but when I was done….His name is “Earl”.

My name is Emma, and I’m 12 years old.