Our ‘66 F-100

We are the second family owner of this beautiful Ford F-100. The original owner purchased new in July, 1966 in Brigham, Utah. When he passed in 1977 his son flew from Phoenix, Arizona and drove it back to Arizona, where it spent it’s time until we were able to purchase the beauty in July, 2016, 50 years to the month it was purchased new.

The son told me that his dad never did like the Ford “Dog Dish” hubcaps so he bought the chrome wheels not too many years after he got the truck. From what I could find on the internet, it appears these chrome wheels are original style of the mid/late ‘60s. It does have the original spare tire wheel thought mounted in the bed.

There wasn’t much I had to do to the truck when I got it, as the original family invested into keeping “dads truck” in good condition. The truck still has the original 352 V8, 3 speed column shift, original steering wheel and original paint on the Firewall. So, from 2009 to 2013 they had new gaskets and seals, painted and other items to keep it looking good. I did do a couple things, like replacing the trim that was dented, rear tail lights that were faded from the Arizona sun and heat and a few other details that weren’t done. I find LMC the best place to find those items needed and at a reasonable price.

Today, my wife and I are blessed to be able to show this beauty, use in parades and just drive it around to let others see a piece of American vehicle history. Several folks ask to just sit in it and feel that big old steering wheel. And every time I stop to get gas, there’s always someone asking about it or wanting to take photos. Even riding down the road you’ll see folks snapping photos with their phone cameras. It brings a smile to my face to see other enjoy seeing it.