Our New Shop Truck Mater: The 1 Ton 1964 Chevrolet

I am Evonne and my friend and business partner Kassie and I saw this 1964 1 Ton Chevrolet dually at my mechanic shop. He told me it ran and could stop because he had put new breaks on it. Then the fellow that had brought it into him had passed away and the family was not involved so he has had the truck for several years. He was willing to sell it for $ 600. I was so excited I talked my partner into buying it. I know it is rough condition now , but my husband is a body man and I used to overhaul motors when I was 16. Now I’m 59 ,Kassie see this truck fixed up with a great paint job, My shop is a dog grooming business so on one side it will be purple with poodles and my logo for Bubbles &Bos. Right down the middle it will change colors and become Embroidery &Designs by Kassie and Evonne. My husband told me to make sure to get an LMC. Truck magazine to find parts. We are very excited to get started on our project. Remember this is a diamond in the rough.