• 2000 Chevy Blazer – James B.

Truly A Blessing

I’m a disabled Veteran, (Vietnam) I needed a vehicle that I could trust to get me back and forth from my doctor visits. I’m on oxygen so I can’t afford to be stranded. I stopped by this car lot 5 years ago to buy a Chrysler I had seen in an ad. When I got there it was already sold but the guy was nice and liked my Veterans hat and found out that I’d been in the same company his recently deceased father was. He took me around the back of his shop and showed me a dirty old Chevy Blazer. It looked like it had been in the mud but the inside was like new. He sold it to me for what he bought it for (he showed me) and I’ve had my 2000 Blazer since then. It is very reliable and now carries my power chair on a lift. Without it, I don’t know what we’d have done as we didn’t have much money.