• 1996 Ford Bronco – Nicholas O.

Bronco Fascination

Ever since I could remember I had an obsession with Broncos specially the full size Broncos having two doors and the removable top. This is my 4th Bronco I’ve owned and the newest. I bought it back in 2012 with 168,000 miles from my then boss. He had repainted it rebuilt the front end and put brand new rims and tires, man was she a looker! The joke with my friends was that it was my Eleanor being I’ve been through so many Broncos and that it had close to the same paint scheme as the Eleanor in the newer gone in 60 seconds.

I took this Bronco everywhere it let me and it just eat it up. And of course, I did it with the top off! I can’t even begin to tell you all the good story’s I’ve had in this old bronco there is just so many. I’ve told myself I will not sell this one. It’s just been with me for too long and has never let me down. Hopefully one day I can give it the work she deserves poor thing is rusting all over. I still drive it most days and when I do I get complements pretty much where ever I stop. Most are “man I wish I still had my bronco!” Anyone out there thinking they need to sell their beloved bronco think twice you just might miss it! I’m sure as hell not going to sell mine anytime soon!