• 1979 Ford F-350 XLT Camper Special – Michael M.

My wife is driving 2017 ford f-150 xlt with 5 liter v8 since last year and it was her idea to buy a pickup that time. It was the first pickup we ever owned and finally, to be honest, its a great car in its functionality. She was the one who infected me with that virus and because of that, I got my first own American truck, ford f-350 super camper special from 1979 3 weeks ago. The car arrived here from Arizona after 40 years and the condition is used but properly working. The patina on chassis and cabin, I will keep in that look. The frame and under parts are saved only by wax etc. We have 4 kids and we are working now on to infect them with the love of a great American style drive.

Always drive carefully and enjoy the trips with yours,


P.S: The car works great and the 7.5-liter engine is still doing its work.