• 1978 Dodge Lil Red Express – Tony V.

The Wife is all In

My wife and owned our first Lil Red Express a 1978 in the late 1980’s. Although my wife enjoyed driving it, it just wasn’t conducive to a young family with a small child, so I reluctantly sold it.

Fast forward to 2017 Cruisin The Coast on the Mississippi Gulfcoast. We were enjoying all the cool rides, when my wife made the comment that it would be a lot more fun to participate instead of spectating. Well, I stepped through the door before she closed it and suggested it would be cool to have another Lil Red Express to participate with, she said yes it would!

I began searching for another 78LRE, but seemed most were too far away, in poor condition or too much. It had to be fate, I ended up locating one just 2-hours away. I called the owner, and he told me he had only had it on Craigslist a couple of days. It was middle of the week and asked him to please hold it until the weekend, he agreed. My wife and I made the drive on Saturday and to my surprise the truck was in decent shape. Little faded on passenger side, and wood in bad shape. Actually, drove the truck and everything worked with exception of the A/C clutch bearing. We asked him to hold it through Wednesday to give us a chance to discuss the purchase. I knew my wife was going along right now, but I planned to stay with this lady a long time and wanted her all in. I called the owner on Tuesday and told him we would take the truck. I rented a trailer and drove back on Saturday and purchased the truck.

We entered in a Salute to Veterans car show the next month as it was and got a lot of lookers, but no awards.

I end up locating a small restoration shop and for reasonable price he brought the 78LRE back to life just in time for the 2018 Cruisin The Coast. We enjoyed and entire week of Cruisin, but ended up with 7 LRE’s there, however we were the only 78. The truck turned a lot of heads, received huge amount of compliments and a few purchase offers. Nope, we still have it!

A coworker with a 73 Dart talked us into hitting the car show circuit, but said he was going to lose a lot to the LRE. Well, did and accumulated several awards, but still searching for that best in show.

We have truly enjoyed our new hobby and looking forward to the 2019 Cruisin The Coast. So, if you’re looking for a nice boat, we have one for sale…..enjoying the LRE too much to fish, and I love fishing. I am so blessed and thankful for a loving and understanding wife who enjoys the hobby as well. I Love you Dianne…….Keep Cruisin!