• 1975 Ford F100- Richard C.

From Farm Truck to Pit Crew

I acquired my 1975 Ford F100 about ten years ago. It was sitting in front of an Auto Zone parts store for sale. I bought it, took it home and started working on it. It needed a lot. I started with some metal panels and cab supports. All brakes were redone with discs on the front. It had a 302 small block Ford engine, which I replaced with a new 302 with a towing cam to boost its torque. A paint job, and lots of other work, and it became a reliable vehicle. We used it for towing our Nitrous Mustang to drag races around Kentucky and surrounding states. Our longest tow was to Montgomery, Alabama. In order to tow, we added overload springs and shocks. It is a straight stick with three on the column. Last year, while returning from a race, the little 302 “gave up” and “threw a rod”. Not bad for 9 years of flawless duty. We replaced the engine with a beefed-up 351 Windsor. My wife and I are retired teachers, and our race car is named “Teacher’s Pet”. We get more compliments on our truck than our radical Mustang race car. Thanks to LMC for the parts in restoring this old F100 to its new job of being an important part of our pit crew!!