• 1969 Ford F100 – Austin B.

Graduation Party or Truck?

It was the summer before my senior year of high school and my Mom asked me if I wanted to have a graduation party when I graduated. I really had no interest in having a graduation party but really couldn’t offer my Mom an alternative. It wasn’t until my Dad asked me what I thought about fixing up our old 1969 F100 as part of my graduation present? I never even thought of the idea of having an old truck before but after my Dad and I started going to car shows the idea of having my own classic truck started sounding better all of the time. So late summer of 2018 we pulled the old truck from out back and started the project. This truck has been in our family for over 20 years. My Uncle had it brought up from Virginia in the mid 90’s he drove it for a couple years then parked it and eventually selling it to my Dad about 10 years ago. My Dad parked it out back because he has his own 1968 F100 he’s been working on. So the truck was pretty original with no plans to fix it up until last year.

My parents agreed to only put in the amount of money that they would have spent on my graduation party and I had to cover the rest. So we started our budget build last summer and worked every weekend on it until it was complete just over a year later. Looking back this has been an incredible experience rebuilding this truck with my Dad. It was a lot of hard work but now I have a very cool classic truck that I know I will have for many years to come! The truck did have allot of original parts on it that we were able to re-use but for the parts we did need LMC truck had what we needed and the parts are very high quality. My truck is 50 years old but with LMC I will be able to keep my truck on the road for many many years. Thanks LMC for help making this possible!