• 1951 Chevy 3100 – Todd W.

Franks ’51 Chevy

My dad Frank bought a 1951 Chevy truck off a grape farmer outside Fresno CA back in the mid 70’s. We grew up with this old yellow beat up pickup.

Frank had a vision but not enough money to restore it and hot rod it. Over the years and some car shows I grew to love the truck and see a vision as my dad talked about his own.

As I got older we fixed and tinkered and I watched him work on Revell models cars I grew to love paint and shiny rides. I could not afford to go get my own stuff painted so I figured it out on my own. Spent many years building everyone else’s dream and honing my craft.

In 94 my brother rammed the truck with the lawnmower and caved the fender in. Then from there it was tear down and let it sit for 15 years. At some point my dad was rejuvenated and bought a TCI chassis to renew our interest. Man, that was the ticket to get things going. Then the brick wall of body work and fitness. Then Frank had heart problems and things fell apart. I vowed to get Frank to drive the truck no matter what. Instead of going to shows and hanging out it was work on truck every free second I can.

Even though it is not finished it is roadworthy. We made it to some shows around the area and Autorame in 2019. Wow that was cool and made all that work worth it. Now every winter it is a small project and the enjoy it in nice weather.