• 1998 GMC K2500 – Gordon W.

Two-Year Search

I was looking to update to a bigger truck. I owned at that time a 1996 K1500 that was a totaled. I rebuilt it, brought it back to life, and used it for 13 years for my work. The truck became very rusty because I live on the east coast of Maine. So, in the time frame of looking, I did find a 1998 k1500 from a family in North Carolina that kept that truck in like-new condition. Long story short, that truck stays in the garage, and only used to go to car shows and weekend rides. I will submit a picture of that truck as well.

So, finally found a 1998 GMC K2500 8600 series truck from Oklahoma. It was a farm truck and used very hard. I was told it was used for hauling hay and doing heavy hauling around the farm. At that time, it had a 10 foot steak installed on it, bed on it. The original 8 foot bed was removed in 1998, after it was bought from the dealership and stored in the barn. Well, it was reinstalled and was sold to dealer in Kansas in 2017. I bought the truck in spring of 2018. There was some work done to the truck but not enough. After two months of work to bring it full circle, its now in full service as my work truck. I have line-x’d the bed as well as the underside to protect it from the Maine winter, as well as installing a 8.6 fisher Extreme Fisher V-Plow, and upgrading many parts though LMC Truck. At this point, I’m now installing new upholstery.

I have been approached many times to sell the truck. This truck will be used for many, many years and if it needs to be rebuilt, it will be rebuilt with LMC parts. I do not plan on buying another truck ever again. With LMC around, you shouldn’t have to.