• 1994 Chevy Blazer – Cary W.

A Father & Son Project FINALLY COMPLETE

I wanted my son to have something different than the other guys. In our town, a lot of high school kids drive brand new 60,000 dollar trucks or similar. We couldn’t spend that kind of money and I wanted to do something that let us spend some quality time together.

Enter a 1994 two-door full size Blazer. A good friend found it for me. The paint was peeling, it had been neglected, and had a bad transmission but I had a vision!

So, on his 15th birthday, he got the truck. My thought was, if he worked on it, he would appreciate what it took to do it and also, there wouldn’t be another one like it. It didn’t cost 60K but nobody could go buy one like it. So, we started.

Then life happened. I got a new job, and for the next year and a half, I was working 80+ hours a week. The truck had to wait. But slowly over time, we did what we could. A used transmission got it rolling and we manually stripped it down to bare metal, and primed as we went. Eventually, a friend gave me a deal to paint it. It stayed at the body shop for months, but I would go and paint the underside, and do what I could. I put a small lift on it.

Finally, it was back home in the garage. We then removed and completely restored the interior from top to bottom. With the help of quality parts from LMC and a lot of searching salvage yards, etc., she is finally done! It turned out exactly as I had pictured many years ago.

My son never got to drive it to high school, but by the grace of the good Lord, he will drive it to his first day of college.

Thanks, LMC, and thanks for letting me tell our story!