• 1992 Dodge 150 – Adam B.

My First Truck

I’m 35 years-old. I have always wanted a truck but to be honest, have never wanted a brand new truck off the lot. My brother and I rebuilt a 1979 K5 Blazer 15 years ago, all with the wonders of LMC providing every piece needed. I have always, and still to this day, wanted that Blazer.

Well, I finally got the truck I wanted! That old big body truck with the world for space under the hood, carburetor under that old intake cover! I’m so excited. Now granted, my first truck is not a Chevy, not 4 WD, not even a V8, but I’ll tell you what, this golden ’92 Dodge D150 is pristine and a beauty.

I’m so ready to make this my truck my project. I know while going through this that LMC will be there all along the way.