• 1992 Chevy 1500 – Steve D.

1992 Chevy 1500 Barn Find

My truck life story is unlike any other. It’s more about getting the truck back on the road and less about “Keep’em On The Road.” It began with my son-in-law’s mom asking me if I would be interested in a truck that was parked in a garage for more than 20 years. Thankfully, she believed I had the ability, the resources, and was just crazy enough to tackle such a project. Of course, my wife thought I was crazy, too.

The truck was purchased new in September of 1991 from a local Chevrolet dealership. The owner used the truck on his small dairy farm. The barn is in the photographs as well as the garage that the truck was parked in. Shortly after buying the truck, the owner suffered serious health problems that prevented him from driving. The truck was parked in the garage where it remained for more than 20 years. The odometer showed 6,646 miles! With the help of my brother-in-law, son-in-law, and daughter, we dragged the truck out of the garage and winched it on to a trailer for the trip home.

After seeing it outside for the first time, I was confident there was a beautiful truck under the 20+ years of dirt. I wasn’t so sure about the drivetrain. Opening the glove box was like opening a time capsule. It contained the original purchase agreement showing an out the door price of $14,228.10, the owner,s manual, a Purchase and Delivery Satisfaction Survey, a cassette tape still in the cellophane for C/K Pickup standard features and options. The Goodwrench Motor Oil next service sticker is still on the windshield showing the next oil change due on 9/23/1992 or at 6,800 miles! There was $7 and some change in the ashtray, which I’ve left in there. The assembly line inspection marks (Inspector #64) are still visible on the differential cover, the spare tire, the frame, and under the hood.
When I went to the BMV to process the title, the clerk couldn’t believe the mileage. I had to show her a picture of the odometer. I showed her a picture of the truck and she thought it was tan.

The mechanical repairs I’ve made are: replaced the battery, the gas tank, fuel pump and filter, replaced all 16 rocker arm studs with threaded studs (one of the pressed in studs had partially pulled out), freed one stuck valve and bent pushrod, replaced the blower motor resistor, replaced the brake hoses to the calipers, and inspected the entire truck from bumper to bumper.

The cosmetic repairs include: wet-sanded, buffed, and waxed the entire truck, replaced the grille with an OEM grille purchased from LMC (the original grille, at some point, was subjected to some heat that caused it to warp), sandblasted and painted the wheels, replaced the wheel center caps with some I purchased at a swap meet, replaced the armrests, and repaired the headliner. The inside of the bed was coated with Cosmoline prior to a bedliner being installed. It’s still like new. The The interior is like new and only required a thorough cleaning.

I’ve attempted to use all OEM parts. With the exception of the gas tank, I’ve kept all of the original parts. My plan is to keep my “Barn Find” like new for many years to come. I look forward to putting the first 10,000 miles on it.

Many thanks to my family for all of their help in bringing Ol’ Blue out of hibernation! And a special thanks to my son-in-law’s mom for thinking of me when she looked at that filthy dirty truck and saying, “This looks like something Steve would want!” Rest in peace, Dallas (original owner).