• 1988 Dodge W150 – Jimmy G.

I purchased this truck in 1990 when I was 19 years-old. It had around 9K miles on it. Immediately, I put a 4-inch lift on it and 35-inch tires. I ran in several mud bogs and spent weekends on the beach playing in the sand. Later, I used it on the farm hauling hay, sawdust, and lots of firewood.

I parked it in ’08 for 10 years. My son and I decided to wake him up last year. We stripped him to the frame and started over most everything new. New engine, rebuilt the tranny and transfer case, 5:13 gears front and rear. Took the body to bare metal, pulled dents (even inside the bed). Painted him to the factory color scheme. New carpet, insulation, molding and trim, and new grille Han headlight frames all from LMC.

Finished the project in June 2019. The total cost was $20K. Time spent with my son – priceless.