• 1984 GMC 1500 – Bawb H.

Therapy for Withdrawal

I sold my previous “therapy” 150 519. It was a 2004 Boss Hoss 350ci with NOS, 400hp + 150hp. I found this truck on Facebook, five blocks from my house. I didn’t even know I wanted a truck until I saw it and heard it’s story.

An almost total frame-off restore with big block 425ci, stored in a heated garage for most of i’s life, no snow, no rain. It’s twice the weight, twice the wheels, same motor HP. Not the same as “steering with your ass” but it has a roof and a heater. Good enough for an old (72) guy. I am even enjoying just lifting the hood, while sipping on a cold one to stare at the “new” chromed, painted BB with ceramic headers, dual flow masters, new body paint.

Life is good but I may have to get it a friend to fill a void. I will know when I see it.