• 1980 Dodge 150 – Larry S.

Lucky Adventurer Day

We wanted to purchase an older truck that we could eventually restore and enjoy, with the intent of passing it on to kids down the road. We had looked at several trucks, and missed out on several 40’s-70’s trucks. My daughter and I were on the way to the dentist one day, and weren’t real happy about having to take a detour  onto a secondary country road (we were running a little bit late). After we turned onto the road, about 1/8th of a mile on the right hand side of the road, we saw this 1980 D150 Dodge Adventurer was for sale, sitting off the road in a field by some trash and old tires. I told my daughter we needed to stop on the way back and look at it. Upon talking to the owner, a landscaper, we learned he was the third owner and had received it from an older lady for some landscaping work he did for her. It had been sitting in a garage or barn for a long time. The older lady and her husband purchased it from another woman who’s husband had gotten sick and it had been sitting in a barn for an extended time. It had less than 38,000 miles on it at the time I purchased it. We put a new battery in it and drove it home. It is in remarkable condition and is mostly original except for the tires and wheels. Other than being a little dirty inside when purchased, the bed and seats in the truck are flawless, as well as most of the body. It is faded a little but the Frost Blue Metallic paint still looks great. Goal is to restore the areas that need it, some minor upgrades, but mostly just enjoy it! By the way, the original wheels were a part of the stack of tires sitting under a tree in the field/garbage and they were included as well as the original spare wheel still mounted!