• 1978 Chevy K5 – Larry F.

Father & Son Project

This was my vehicle for 12 years. I had ordered all the exterior trim from LMC, had the vehicle painted and it was looking sharp. I got lots of compliments on this truck. Then the worst thing happened, a young kid pulled out in front of me and I t-boned him. It totaled his car and damage the front end on my truck pretty badly.

I had always want to upgrade the motor from a 305 to a 350. I got a block and rebuilt with lots of goodies and lots of exterior chrome parts. I fired the new engine up twice and it sounded awesome with headers and no exhaust system. I then purchased a new hood, fender and wheel well inner tubs.

Then my health failed and the truck sat in my garage for the past 20 years, all covered up.

This year, my son decided he wanted the truck and asked would I supervise the job if he did all the work. He has replaced the brakes on all four wheels. Replaced the rear shocks and installed duel shocks on the front end with Skyjack shocks. We lurched a new fuel tank, fuel lines, and new fuel pump. The fuel system was contaminated so we needed to replace it all. The Rodchester quad carburetor has been taken off and we’re looking for someone to rebuild it. It looked great but did not try to look inside to see if the jets and floats were clean or not.

We have been impressed with the help from your staff and I have an order in now for more parts. Also, your new catalog so we can find additions parts we need. It’s been a chore to find the brake parts we needed. We had all the parts in a box and had some rust on them. Well, my son thought they were no good and tossed them. Then the fun started in dealing with 3 or 4 order houses to find parts.

It’s a project he will never forget as we move forward on this project. Again, thanks to your company and staff we have made great changes.


Larry and Brandon F.