• 1977 Chevy K20 – Bret S.

The Old Chevrolet Had to be a Part of Our Engagement

I was literally raised in my fathers 1977 Chevrolet K20. He has owned his since the mid-80’s and still uses it on a daily basis to this day. In a family that trades and swaps vehicles more than most folks change clothes, his 1977 Chevrolet is one that will never leave our family.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted a 1977 K20 for myself. After months and months of searching, the right truck became available. Through the help of my father, I was finally able to obtain a truck just like his. We had it shipped from California to Oklahoma. I remember the day it arrived. We had the truck delivered to the local Tractor Supply store. When the semi hauling my truck pulled into the parking lot, it was being followed by four vehicles. These four gentlemen had followed the semi in order to track down the owner, myself, to see if it was available for sale. For the first 6 months that I owned the truck, I had to keep a NOT FOR SALE sign in the window due to an overwhelming influx of people wanting to buy the truck!

Much like my father’s, mine is all original, even obtaining its original paint from 1977. Trucks like this, especially 3/4 4×4’s, simply do not exist now days.

Now, on to the REAL story…

I truly feel honored and blessed to be engaged to a beautiful woman who loves Christ first and foremost, myself, and yes, the truck. I took her out in the old Chevrolet on our second date curious to see what her reaction to riding in a 40 year-old truck would be. To my great pleasure, she LOVED it! In fact, she even wanted the truck to be a part of our engagement photos. On our way home that evening from taking the photos, I pulled over with no explanation, got out of the truck, and walked over to the passenger side door. She was confused to say the least, but got extremely excited when I told her to slide over into the driver’s seat. You see, I won’t even let my own parents drive the truck… Now, that right there is true love!