• 1975 Ford F-250 – Quinn W.

BIG BROWNIE (My Cowboy Hat Story)

My story is about why I call Big Brownie, my 1975 Ford F-250 4×4, Ranger my cowboy hat. It started when my best friend purchased it back in the nineties, I told him no one could own the truck but me and if he decided to sell it, it should come to me. So that we could keep near. He called one day and asked if I was ready to own the truck. I was living in Texas at the time and flew back to Utah to get the truck. After years of using the truck as my daily driver, I was afforded the opportunity to refurbish the truck, so to honor him, I kept the two-tone brown color scheme, he has since passed away.

After several color sample panels, my mom chose the colors you see now, she has since passed away. An Indian friend, taught me how to do some Indian Folk Lure projects and some of those talents are incorporated into the truck, he has passed. I have customized some of the engine compartment, using stock parts, just had them chromed. I have owned the truck for twenty years and my grandkids are looking forward to the day they get my “Cowboy Hat”, I have personalized plates to remind them, that it is still Grandpa Quinn’s Truck. The work has been a collective effort of me, friends and family. Hope you enjoy it.