• 1975 Ford F250 – Jake L.

My First Love

My truck is a 1975 Ford F250 Highboy Ranger XLT. My dad bought it from Northern Idaho. It had been sitting in a field for 20+ years. It didn’t run. I could tell somebody used it as a heavy duty work truck at one point because it had a welded trailer hitch and a custom big block Ford 460 out of a ‘74. When I ran the VIN, it told me that it had a 360 so somebody really upgraded. The license plate said it was last registered in ‘99. The interior was thrashed and covered in mouse poop. When I got it running, it had a lifter tick. A good easy trick for lifter ticks is to put transmission fluid in the valves. The body was in pretty bad condition with a lot of dents and rust. Thankfully, there was no visible rust through. The inside of the cab had a little bit of rust through and the floor pans were rusted through. The bed floor had a little bit of rust through. The bed rails were surface rusted pretty bad.

It’s not fully complete yet but it’s on its way. The body was in too bad of condition to restore so I plan to keep it ratty and I’m not going to paint it. But I am going to put new wheels and tires on it and probably put a Boss 302 in it also. I’m going to replace the entire undercarriage with high performance parts and I’m going to get tons of interior stuff from LMC Truck.

Fun fact: the park lights that are on it now are off of a 1965 Ford truck (they actually fit each other.) I love this truck!!!