• 1972 Ford 100 – David H.

My ’72 Returns Home

I have a 1972 Ford 100. My story starts 33 years ago when I was needing a truck and I found this truck for sale for $250. I bought the truck in the wintertime in S. Georgia. That particular year, it seemed like it rained every day for two months. My yard was a muddy mess but it made it through all the rain and mud. This truck came with factory A/C but as far as I know, it has never worked – well, not in my time anyway. Anyway, I bought this truck and drove it for 6 months and the rear end went out in it. I had a friend that needed a truck so I sold it to him for $250 and he put another rear end in it, oddly enough, from an old ‘68 that I bought years before (for the engine) and it was just sitting in the woods. He drove it and drove it, and I believe that somewhere along the way, he had the transmission rebuilt.

As a kind of side story to this, my brother had a 1967 Ford pickup that my grandaddy had bought brand new, that he put a hot rod 390 engine in. He told me he wanted to sell the engine and put something else in it so I bought this engine from him.

Last Christmas, my friend called me and he said that he was going to get rid of the ‘72, and if I wanted it, I could come get it. He said it still cranks and runs but no brakes. So, I went to Perry, GA and put this truck on a trailer and brought it home.

I am I the process of getting it all fixed up. I have just recently put all new brakes in it – everything brand new from the booster to the wheels. I intend to get everything mechanically fixed like brand new but leave the body original. My plan is to put this super bad 390 in it that I have. My original plan was to paint it red and white just like the one in your ad but I have had so many people tell me I ought to leave it just like it is. My ’72 is definitely a work in progress.