• 1965 Ford F100 – Kerry C.

Well, growing up, my dad had a 1980 Ford truck and some of my favorite memories from childhood is just going on drives and road trips in it, but as I got older, I fell in love with how the Ford trucks from the 1960s look.

When I turned 16, I had hoped to get such a truck as my first car, which my dad strongly encouraged; he even drove all the way out to Michigan to check out a truck for sale but he didn’t think it would make the drive back to Kansas. We test drove a couple in our area but we ended up buying a Bronco II for me instead.

Fast forward a couple cars later, I now drive a Prius but around November of last year, I started looking around for a 1965 Ford truck. I ended up finding one on eBay in Yucaipa, CA and luckily, my grandparents live close by there so my grandpa checked it out for me and approved. I wound up wining the bid online and it made it to Kansas in January. I’d never driven a stick shift before so it was kind of learning curve but luckily, I live by some dirt, not busy, country roads to practice on and have finally mastered driving it around other cars. My husband and I love just driving it to drive and it’s definitely been one of my dreams come true!