• 1965 Chevy C10 – Omar M.

Perfect Start to a New Beginning

In January of 2018, I found this 65 C1 Big Window in San Diego, California after settling on a price with the seller (a well-known realtor). I had one of my brothers travel to San Diego and drove the truck to Oregon. It wasn’t very long after that I realized I had been taken to the cleaners in a big way. I was angry and embarrassed on the purchase. I didn’t know any better to see all the problems. I called the guy in California to discuss all the problems with the truck and in a very cold response he said no one held a gun to my head to buy the truck. I drove it two times and parked it when I realized it was a very dangerous truck to drive. For example, one of the brake lines to a brake caliper – they had wrapped the brake line around the axle tube four times and then connected it to the caliper.  And that was just the beginning of what of was a total embarrassment of a truck. My wife asked me what I was  going to do and I told her I had to do it right…

I started the tear down and found that gallons of Bondo were used directly on top of all the rust. Very little of the truck was left, hood bumpers and the frame. I had the frame power coated and started the almost two year build from there with new suspension parts, front and back. Finally, I was able to locate a cab that was in real good shape. Everything after that was bought new. Engine Chevy 350 and a 700R4 transmission with a 373 differential. I built my own exhaust all the way to the exhaust tips. The interior with new carpet and leather bucket seats. Aftermarket steering with tilt, the gas tank was removed from in the cab and installed in the back of the frame under the bed. I decided to paint the truck with the darkest black we could find. As pieces were painted I was assembling, all along I was looking for an old school stance with a little rear rake.

So, with the truck finished and feeling good on how it had turned out. On a Friday, I drove the truck to the DMV to get it registered and get new plates. I woke up real early the next day, detailed it, and drove it to a local car show that had about 50 to 60 entries just to show off my new truck. It received so many great responses. It not only took first place in the truck division, it won Best in Show. So, at that point, it made the two-year build and probably three truck loads full of money spent on it very well worth it. I still have not come down from “cloud nine.”

Thanks, Omar M.