• 1995 Chevy G30 Camper Van – Chad H.


It was about a year ago I realized that my girl and I needed to get out and explore more of this gorgeous country and the easiest way in my mind to make that happen would be in the form of a van. Of course, like any restoration project it started out in for form of scouting out on Craigslist and marketplace. After weeks of looking for the perfect van to start with I came across what is now our van, a 1995 Chevy G30 ex wheelbase electrical van. It was bare bones and in pretty rough shape but for $700 running and driving, I felt like I stole the thing.

After months of weekends, late nights in the garage and of course a ton of parts ordered from LMC, we have pretty much “finished” the build. Our G30 has been built out to be a fully off grid, off the beaten path adventure camper. With its 300 watts of roof mounted solar panels, on-board propane system and 40 gallon fresh water tank we are able to get out and enjoy some rural scenery throughout the year. Since being finished we have been able to explore Big Bend, the hills of New Braunfels, and multiple national parks of the Grand Canyon. We are completely in love with the van we call “Beatrix” and we definitely wouldn’t have been able to make it happen without LMC.