• 1990 Chevy Silverado 1500 – Mark L.

My dad Donald “Chops” originally from Festus, MO purchased this 1990 Chevrolet extended cab Silverado new in June/July of 1989. He primarily used it to pull his camper. He loved this truck and so did I. He let me drive it to school, around town, and out on dates.

I moved to Tennessee in 1998. My dad started to develop health problems and was no longer able to go camping so I bought the truck from my dad in 2004 to use as a work truck or spare vehicle. And since I lived in Tennessee and him in Missouri I was unable to bring the truck around to take him for rides.

In 2008 my father suffered a stroke and was in failing health for many years.

In August of 2017, my high school friend and I came up with the idea to restore the truck to it’s original look for my dad. I left the truck with him. Once he had it finished, we were going to take it to the nursing home where my dad was staying and take him for a ride. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in October of 2017 and we didn’t have the truck finished in time for him to see it.

As a tribute to my dad we had a front license plate and sticker made with a photo of him first driving it off the lot in 1989. We call the truck Chops in honor of my father. I still feel his presence in the truck when I’m driving it around. Now my sons drives it around town when it is a nice day. I love the fact I will be able to pass along his grandfathers truck to him when the time is right.