• 1989 Ford F150 Lariat – Max S.

My Father’s Ford Trucks

I own the last Ford F150 pickup that my father owned. He was a building contractor and owned several Ford Pickups through the years. His first Ford Truck was called a “40 Ford” that he drove the 100 mile trip from Excel, Alabama to Mobile, Alabama during the 40’s. He owned one Ford Pickup that had imprinted on the steering wheel; 50th Anniversary of the Ford Motor Company. He also owned a Ford Ranchereo. The truck I have now was purchased new in 1989 and still runs quite well. I use it on my farm in Excel, Alabama. My father passed away in 1992. I am now 81 years old and intend to pass it on to my childreN. It is air conditioned, has duel gas tanks and has 160,000 miles.

Quick story, with the 40 Ford my father hauled cane syrup from Excel, Alabama to Birmingham, Alabama in the early 40’s. The man who paid him cash for the syrup turned out to be a bootlegger and the revenue agents on one of his trips confiscated his truck because they thought he was involved with the bootlegger. His father, my grandfather, was able to convince the revenue agent that my father had no knowledge of the bootlegger’s activities and they released his truck to him.