• 1989 Ford F150 Lariat – Josh T.

Back in 2010, I acquired this truck from my neighbor over a few beers. I’ve been on him to sell me this truck for a while cause it was just sitting there with the grass growing around it. All it needed was a water pump. Anyway, I swapped him a utility trailer for it. The next day after all the paperwork was done, he said he had a problem. He had no way to pull the trailer with his other ride. So, we rode to Oreilly and I bought him a receiver hitch, ball, plug, and wire adapter to make it right. Plus my wife works there and got me a good deal! Anyway after a lot of trips to Oreilly, Pull-A-Part, and quite a few items from LMC…i think “Old Blue” is ready.

My 22 year old daughter learned to drive with it when she was 13, my now 12 year old will learn to drive with, and my now 6 year old son will learn how to drive with it. I absolutely love this truck! My dad died when I was young and it reminds me of his old truck. Plus this truck is unique in itself. It is a 1989 F-150 XLT Lariat with the 4.9L and it’s a 4 speed with overdrive (5 speed to me). The crazy things are that it has cruise control with it being a standard! I could be wrong, but I don’t think there were too many trucks with cruise control with a standard transmission. Also, it has dual tanks, very cold A/C, and everything works like it should.

The best thing, is it was my neighbor’s dad’s truck from new that worked for the local Ford Dealership. I actually tried to give him the truck back and he don’t want it because he knows what all has been put in the truck and how much I love it. So what we do at least once a month, we pile up in the truck and just go ride down along the bayou and just enjoy it. Thanks for putting out such great products!