• 1973 Chevy C20 – Harlan K.

I bought my 73 Chevy C20 super Cheyenne 454 pickup for 450.00. My mom helped me to pay for it, she told the owner he would not recognize it in 6 months. I worked at a car dealer at the time, I worked in the service department from 7-6 and then would head to the body shop which was at the dealer and would work on the truck usually all night and then go back to work at 7. Sometimes no one knew I was still working and they would set the alarm and when I would walk out of the paint booth with my mask on, the cops were there waiting for me! The body shop manager taught me all about body work so that helped a lot.

This was my first complete paint job, the box was a take off from a then new 86 Chevy. The body shop guys tried to talk me into putting on the new sheet metal with the front side marker horizontal instead of vertical, but I kept it original. Before it was done and still with out a box and a seat I would still use the truck to get back and forth to work about a 15 mile drive. One day I decided to try a burnout around a corner not realizing how much the seat held you in place, I was tossed about in the cab, and the door popped open but I still managed a pretty nice burn out.