• 1967 Ford F100 – Bill B.


It all started on a beautiful early spring day 2006 while working on the back roads of the eastern shore of Maryland. I had gotten a quick 5 second glance of a well known local Metal scraper (recycler) Mr.Mack hauling a tired looking 1967 Ford f100 on the back of his rollback destine for the scrape yard. At the time I was in the process of a father/son project with my son Randy it rebuilding his 1972 Ford f100, and thinking the truck on the rollback would be a perfect parts truck for us. I quickly made my way to Mr Macks house by the end of the day hoping that he would still have the truck and inquire about it. Mack said it was bound for the crusher the next day, but that I was more than welcome to take a look at it. And after further inspection and amazement, I quickly realized that this was no parts truck, everything on it was still in tack and original, along with the east coast that was taking its toll on some of the body parts.

Mr. Mack proceeded to tell me that this is a one owner truck, parked in the barn since the late 80’s, bought new here in town in 1967, with the original paperwork and title to show. The owner had passed away and his sister was the executor of his estate and was cleaning out his belongings before selling the Farm. This was my lucky day, I asked him if he would sell me the truck, he said $500.00 bucks, and a quick handshake sealed the deal. I was very excited and jumping for joy. Once I gotten it home, changed the spark plugs, oil and fresh gas. Little red started right up, purring like a kitten.

So amazed after sitting all those years. My love and knowledge for these trucks started back in high school ( class of 1990) with my 1968 ford f100. Fast forward 12 years after I purchased Little Red and with the loving support from my wife Lisa, and countless hours of wrenching and quality time with my Dad, I am happy to say Little Red is now complete. Dad and myself made our first 200 mile road trip voyage with Little Red to Carlisle Pa spring car show with my AAA card in my wallet. Needless to say we did not need it! LOL . I am happy to say that little Red is now complete as we continue to make our memories! Thank you LMC trucks for supplying the parts and accessories needed to keep these trucks on the road.Keep up the good work. And that’s my story. From Another one saved