• 1953 Ford F100 – Marc L.

In the late 1950’s my Father, Richard bought this 53 Ford F-100 used as his daily commuter. He used it to go to work down at the local town woolen mills and to visit his Father that lived up the road. After using it for 9 years he decided to drive it up in the woods and left it in still driving condition.

In the Spring of 2009 my Father, my two sons and I went to a car show in Vermont where there was a 53 F-100. My Father related to his grandchildren that he used to drive a 53 Ford just like the one in the show. They were so amazed at the fact that he used to have one, all four of us had a vision to restore and bring the truck to shows and that’s how it began.

After sitting in the woods for 41 years the truck was about to have a second chance at life. Literally dragging it out of the woods with a back hoe the restoration of 3 generations began. Upon further examination we noticed that the truck was in good shape for a restore with only 47,000 original miles on it. Stripping it down to the frame and building it back up took 9 years. As we went through the restoration we kept the truck as original as possible by keeping the 215 In-line 6 and 3 speed Fordomatic. Even keeping it in the original factory color, sea foam green.

June 2018 the truck finally hit the road, sadly my Father never saw the truck finished but we are happy he helped with the restoration and we’ll always have those memories. This truck will certainly be passed down thru family generations. Our family is thankful for LMC Truck for carrying parts that made this project possible to put this beautiful 53 back on the road and make 3 generations of memories.