• Donald W.'s 2004 Ford F250

My Harley-Davidson F250 is the best of both worlds, a work truck and comfort, complete with a heavy duty 5R110 transmission. The truck has been in the family since ’08 and is currently showing 97k on the clock. I purchased the truck from a Ford dealer in Colorado. It was a retired construction owner’s truck that had a blown 6.0 Power Stroke motor. It wasn’t perfect, but it would work just fine for me. I had purchased a 28 foot enclosed trailer, and my old 2 wheel drive F150 truck just wouldn’t cut it.

My girlfriend and I took to the road on a Friday night after work and headed off to Colorado to make the new purchase. After 9+ hours of steady driving, we pulled into Denver early Saturday morning looking to get some shut-eye and to grab a bite to eat. Later on that day, to my surprise, the dealership was ready for us. They even had a buyer ready to buy my old truck. So long, F150; hello, F250.

The truck had a fresh factory 6.0 installed and new 37×12 20 inch tires along with some orange bed liner. On the way back home it took me a few miles to get used to the drive and feel of the 4×4 Super Duty. It was another 9+ hours drive back to the house where all the fun would begin.

One add-on leads to another. I added the edge tuner, 5 inch complete exhaust and a 10 thousand pound tow setup with 5th wheel capability. From there we added tow mirrors and cowl hood, replaced the worn and weathered headlights, tail lights and 3rd brake lights, and added black steps and traction bars.

All in all this truck has the best of both worlds, comfort and the ability to tow anything, anytime, anywhere. It turns heads with the factory two-tone black and orange paint.

Thanks to LMC for carrying all the parts that I needed to make my Harley, my Harley.