• Karen M.'s 2002 Ford F150

It was my 40th birthday present. Being from a farm family in Nebraska, I learned how to drive a tractor first and a pickup next. Dad and mom had farms scattered over a couple of counties and there were never enough drivers to move the farm equipment from one farm to the next, so I was recruited to drive before I had a license. If you could reach the gas, clutch and brake pedal and see over the steering wheel, dad put you in the driver’s seat.

I was lucky enough to drive Chevys, Dodges and Fords over the years. Dad’s last truck was a Ford F250 Super Duty diesel. When he passed in 1999 mom let me drive the truck for a couple of weeks before she sold it. I was in heaven! It was hard to give it back.

So I finally talked my husband into letting me get my own pickup truck. Best vehicle I have ever driven or owned. We have only replaced batteries, tires and wipers. I used to drive it daily and now my husband, who is retired, drives it daily to the park with the dog (Miss Kenzie) for walks (trying to keep the mileage down, currently at 123,250). During the winter months, it’s my go-to vehicle to get me to and from work at LMC!