• Stephen H.'s 1993 GMC Sonoma

My Little Sonoma is a true case of being at the right place at the right time. I was at a local GMC Dealer shopping for a new car when I met the original owner of my 1993 GMC Sonoma SLE . He was buying a new truck and the dealer had offered him very little trade in for the Sonoma and after a few minutes of talking with the owner I was the new owner of the Sonoma for a really really good price. The original owner had taken really good care of the Sonoma with all the service records since he had purchased the truck new. Aside from a few rock chips in the paint the truck literally had no dings anywhere on the body but the paint was really oxidized badly.

Wanting to do a Resto-Mod for a daily driver I began with new brakes, exhaust, suspension and engine tune up and enhancements to make the truck dependable and comfortable. After all the mechanical upgrades were done I began working on the appearance of the truck to make it stand out. Being a true Gear Head “Stance” is everything to me so I replaced the original wheels and tires with a set of American Racing 8.5 x15 Chrome Torque Thrust wheels with BF Goodrich 2.75 x 60 x15 tires to fill up the wheel wells and give the truck the stance it needed.

Once the truck was running good and riding right I began working on the appearance. LMC Truck has been instrumental in supplying me with hard to find parts for a 25 year old truck to updated lights, body trim, weatherstripping and so many more replacement parts to make the truck look like new. After countless hours and tons of elbow grease I have been able to bring the badly oxidized GM Linen White paint back to showroom shine. Now the little truck looks like is just rolled off the showroom floor in 1993.

I drive my Sonoma everyday and its rare that I don’t get a thumbs up or a honk and a salute when I’m at a stop light. I really enjoy the look on people’s faces when they ask what year model and how many miles are on your truck and I tell them 1993 and 100k plus miles. They can’t seem to believe a 25 year old truck can look so good .