• 1991 Chevy Suburban – Amber R.

One day I was looking around on Craigslist and came across this 91 Suburban. So I had my husband call the seller. They talked and the seller said that he has someone coming to buy it to part it out. The seller said if we made it there before the other guy we could have it. It needed a lot of work but we didn’t want to see it parted out. So we hooked up a trailer and went and looked at it.

It was pretty rough looking. It had 3 different tires and what sounded like a severe rod knock. But it had zero rust. I fell in love so we bought it. Shoved the suburban on our trailer and headed home. Turns out the rod knock was a broken flex plate. Replaced the flex plate and transmission and a few other small things and got new matching tires for it. We drove it like that for a while. We lowered it and put a used high mileage TBI motor in it. My husbands friend was selling his truck and we both really liked the other truck. We worked out a trade and traded the suburban off. A few months went by and the suburban came up for sale again. It was around Christmas time and I was missing it. My husband bought it and surprised me with it for Christmas.

We cleaned it up and fixed a few more things (with some LMC parts) and drove it like that a while longer. It was running rough and using lots of oil and coolant and needed a motor. It was now my daily driver so something needed to be done. My husband sold the truck we originally traded the suburban off for and used that money to put vintage air and a LS motor in it. That was a major improvement over a worn out tbi motor.

We repainted the factory rally wheels and started to bring it to local cruise nights. I had my eyes on a set of mobsteel delray wheels. Our tires were getting worn out from needing some front end work. We once again turned to LMC for lower control arms. When we installed them my husband was taking measurements of some kind. Turns out they were for wheels. Christmas came around and he got me the mobsteel delrays I had my eye on. Now it’s my daily driver still and I have redone most of the interior and saving up for a supercharger. It’s my pride and joy.