• Luke S.'s 1985 Dodge Ram B250 Van

Black Magic is our 1985 Dodge B250 “no window shorty.” She was purchased new in October of 1984 by my grandfather, when he semiretired from his maintenance business. He passed it on to me in 2001. He knew I had a deep appreciation for it. Some of my best childhood memories were spent with my grandpa in this van.

She is a Johnny Cash special, “One Piece At A Time.” Many parts of Black Magic have been repurposed from other vans. Thank you to all the vanners who have helped Leslie and I get Black Magic to where it is today. Leslie has put an abundant amount of blood, sweat and tears into our baby. A majority of the maintenance work has been done by her.

She has the original 225 Slant Six with 225k plus miles and still running strong. Recently she had her TorqueFlite 904 transmission rebuilt. She has a 3:73 rear end.

She rolls on 235/75/15 Bridgestone tires mounted on Cragar 342 series wheels. The interior is still under construction.

This year her body was stripped down and two coats of bedliner paint were applied. Most of the body prep work was done by our boys and 90% of laying down the paint was done by our daughter Brittany. Black Magic has truly been a family project. The family that vans together stays together.