• Louis S.'s 1985 Chevy G20

Serenity is a 1985 Chevy G20 with a 305 V8 engine that belongs to my 15-year-old son Louis. He was given the van when he was twelve by a fellow vanner who saw his passion for vanning early on.

Louis has worked hard at slowly restoring her. He painted the blue stripe himself. He has worked odd jobs and sold his video games (which, to a 15-year-old is a huge deal) to be able to afford new rims and LED lights for her.

It makes me so proud that he is carrying on the vanning tradition and has such a love and passion for it. As a father, I enjoy working on this project with my son and teaching him how to do routine maintenance on his van. Vanning is a family affair in our home that hopefully will extend to his children some day.