• Jeff W.'s 1972 Chevy K20

I purchased this 1971 Chevy pick up sight unseen, my little brother was my eyes. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to restore a truck and finally got the option to do so. My brother called me and said he found a truck and believed it was a good deal. I was very excited with what had been started, when I saw the truck for the first time. I was very pleased with the work that had been done but was not too happy about how the body looked in regards to the patina look which is not anything that I wanted.

I wanted this truck because my grandfather owned one and I remember many years of hunting and fishing going in his ’72 chevy pick up. I purchased another ’72 to pick up with the intent to merge the two trucks, the second truck was in much better shape body wise but not in good shape underneath. So after I purchased the second truck we switched cab, chassis and bed. My little brother and I decided that we would make the switch and convert the ’72 on the ’71 chassis, we worked on that starting in early February 2017. We started to combine the two trucks which we found out to be very exciting and fun to work with each other on these two trucks. As we worked on them we’ve decided that we’d make some changes we put a 6 inch lift on it. Talked about colors and how we wanted to do the things that were important to me I have addressed some of the issues inside with some of the things that make me who I am today for the love of baseball, for the love of hunting and fishing, we put together this truck bonding, and in ways that brothers can.

We found that most of our frustrations were part of not having the right stuff at the right time thanks to LMC we enjoyed the correct fits the right product and made this much easier, the joy of mixing and matching opened up the opportunity to make my dream truck as you can see in the pictures I love my truck. I really never expected it to come out as nice as it did I am so thankful for LMC and the fun people that I talked with and the joy that they shared with me when I was talking about what I was doing now that the truck is done. I can’t wait to take it to the golf courses it will definitely be a Fairweather truck because it is so much fun and it is beautiful! Thank you LMC for making this process a little bit more exciting.