• Randy J.'s 1971 Ford Bronco

I had been searching for a Bronco for about two years. I found out through a friend there was a Bronco sitting at a hunting camp and had been there for about 10 years. To my surprise the owner was willing to sell.

I drove to South Mississippi, and after about three hours of negotiations with the owner Mr Hugh, I finally had a Bronco! I loaded my pride and joy on a trailer and we headed back to North Mississippi. My son and I immediately started the restoration process. To my surprise I found it to be in good shape, considering it was a ’71 model and had been sitting up for quite some time.

There was not a need for frame-off restoration, so it then went to a paint and body shop, where it stayed for three months. I told the painter to take his time, and when I picked it up I wanted it to look as slick as if it had just come off the showroom floor. The painter did just as I asked. He took his “sweet” time and it was slick when I returned to pick up.

While the old Bronco was being painted, I had time to pull out my LMC catalog and begin the process of ordering items that would be needed for the restoration, such as window felt, marker lights, window and door gaskets as well as several other items. I began my winter project restoring seats, dash, carpet, door panels, shocks, windshield and the list goes on. I also replaced bumpers as well as purchased new wheels and tires.

When I was almost finished with the restoration my wife decided the old Bronco needed a name.

I had a longtime friend who came to visit often during the restoration process. He loved antique automobiles and had a few of his own. He loved watching the progress. His name was Mr Hugh, just as was the guy I had purchased from. We decided it had to be named “Huey.” My friend who came often to visit passed away before restoration was complete, but I’m sure he’s smiling down just knowing the old Bronco was named after him.

The restoration process took an entire year but I now have something that I am very proud of and our family can enjoy for years to come.
And old Huey got a trophy in the half cab division at the 2018 Bronco Super Celebration in Townsend, TN.