• Cameron H.'s 1964 Ford F100

My name is Cameron and my truck is a 1964 F100. I had bought it off my cousin at the age of 15. I restored it and was able to drive it by 17 years old. When taking ownership, I soon found out how much work was needed.

After many hours and countless cans of WD-40, we got the parts replaced and everything got updated. The motor (straight-six 223) got new seals. The transmission stayed the same: 4 on the floor “granny low.” Under the hood was solid: new carburetor, radiator, rebuilt generator. Kept the ol’ tank as original as possible; meaning no power brakes or power steering. It’s always a trip to the gym when I drive it now.

Before my cousin had the truck, it was originally owned by a farmer from St. Joseph, MO. He kept the truck in a hay field for 30 years, so it had lots of rust and was time weathered. I still drive it to run small errands around Kansas City and take trips back home. However, the truck spends a majority of the time outside my apartment where I can keep a close eye in a busy city.

My favorite thing about my truck is the connection I’ve made with the metal that propels me, the sound of the motor and transmission at work when it’s time to shift, the rocks and clanks of metal moving when you turn the wheel, and the booming echo from slamming the door shut. All of this put together makes my truck unique and, most importantly, mine.

I thank my parents as often as I can for being the support needed to make this piece of history alive and mobile again. My dad was a mechanic before being a fireman, so this was our project. I learned so much and it was a great experience to be able to share together. After many hours and many busted knuckles, my truck took the new shape of what you see today. Also a special thanks to LMC for having their doors open for the opportunity to help make this dream I had into a reality.