• Wednesday M.'s 1949 Chevy 3100

I was born in 1940 in Riverside, California and received my first car when I was 15. It was my Grandmother’s 1940 Oldsmobile Coupe. I soon joined a car club, called the Rum Runners and had the time of my life. Boy, growing up in the 50’s sure was a fun time! I’m now 78 and have owned 60 cars during my lifetime. It was always a dream of mine to restore either a car or truck, so I did. This ’49 Chevy truck came from Colorado, used as a farm truck to San Diego, where I now live with my wife, Diane. I saw it sitting on a dirt embankment for sale and the rest is history.

It has taken many years of sweat, love and of course $$ to get this truck in just the right shape. While most of the parts came from LMC, one of the best decisions I made was converting it from a traditional pick up to a stake bed, because I knew I wanted to do something unique. Custom, rounded, maple and mahogany wood panels have been made to create the bed of the truck. I wanted to do the rounded edges to keep it similar with the curves of the truck. The panels come off in 3 sections, leaving it a true flat bed.

I really enjoy driving it. It brings back great memories of my younger years. Others really seem to enjoy it also, as I know it brings back a bit of nostalgia for them as well. When I drive it through the neighborhood, people really perk up when we drive by and wave or give us the thumbs up. I think it’s really fun for the “old timers”, like me to see it whiz by.

Pictured here with myself and our truck, is Chloe, our Grand Dog. She really loves to ride in the seat next to me, when my daughter allows us to baby sit. Sometimes I’m not sure if people are giving the truck a thumbs up or the cute dog in the seat next to me with her head out the window. Maybe it’s a little of both.