• 2001 Ford Ranger- Chuck P.

I purchased this truck in 2001 for my son as he went off to college. It was much cheaper than a Toyota. The “Edge” two drive version has a nice 4WD stance as it sits higher, thanks in part to its torsion bar suspension. Sitting in the hot northern California sun, by 2017 the paint was showing its age. With only 90k miles, I did not want to buy a new truck. I removed all body trim and glass and had Maaco repaint with their “Platinum” service, which was much cheaper than any other local body shop. If you remove all body trim and glass, they do a very good job. I purchased a lot of upgrades from LMC. Custom tail lights, chrome bumpers and door handles. I upgraded to a limited slip differential which made a tremendous improvement in wet weather. I did a sprayed in bed liner, added bed rails and bed rail edge caps. I replaced the vinyl flooring with carpeting, which seemed to make the truck sound quieter. Seat covers. New speakers/radio. Also added a Cat-back exhaust to provide a nicer sound, maybe a little better drivability. Replaced all wear items including suspension components, fluids, fuel pump, ignition/EGR components to ensure reliability and good gas mileage. Happy with this daily driver, good for another 10 years!