• 1998 Chevy K1500 Silverado- Kole E.

I bought this truck when I was 15 with the money I earned at my summer job. I drove it all through high school and kept putting money into it to make it exactly like I had dreamed of it. My dad and worked on it to fix the minor problems the last owner had neglected. I have fixed almost all of the rust and done other upgrades along the way. It is still currently my daily driver, but I plan on eventually getting historical plates on it after it is 25 years old. It might look a lot like a show truck, but it still gets it workout pulling our trailers around.
It has a 3″ body lift to fit the 16″ Ultra Badlands wheels with the 33″ Mastercraft Courser MXTs. All the doors and tailgate have been replaced due to rust. The truck only has 156,000 miles on it and everything under the hood is still original. I have a dual Xcelerator exhaust with chrome tips exiting the bed at 45 degree angles. I also installed LED’s above the tow hooks, cab lights and chicken lights on my tool box.
I work very hard to keep this truck clean and running great.
I have included the first picture of when I bought it to what it looks like now.