• Ford F250- Connor L.

From an early age I always loved old Ford trucks, my dad had one and I knew I had to have one. When I was in high school my dad purchased me a 1979 Bronco that I still have. I learned a lot working on that bronco in high school and became a mechanic. Now with the skills and funding to build my truck I always wanted, started with a cab and frame off of Craigslist and parts from other pickups and Broncos. First time painting and body work, learned a lot and made plenty of mistakes. It took many long days and nights sanding and welding. Recovered the bench seat and replaced door panels with parts from LMC. After paint and body was done came assembly with lots of quality parts. With every part installed the truck came together and gave me more motivation to finish. With the truck running and driving I ordered a new aluminum bed and it was complete, my truck built by me with help from my dad and LMC.