• 1984 Chevy C10- Richard C.

I searched long and hard for an 80’s c10 shortbed and finally found one. I paid $2500 and body was in good shape. With the help of LMC I brought this baby to her feet. I’m pretty proud of the money (LMC) blood (literally) o yes alot of time and tears. From bumper to bumper is quality LMC parts from nuts an bolts to wiring an panels. But nothing is better than getting your new LMC magazine and flipping through pages to see what your adding to the cart (online) next. Custom vexing violet purple exterior, custom yellow interior and bed, custom audio/video system. But I have purchased door panels headliner nuts bolts taillights vents taillight wiring harness grill list goes on. Thank you LMC for taking all the guess work out of town to find these parts.